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Gold Nerds


Free Research & Ideas on Gold and Silver Stocks, Gold Investing & Economic Cycles.

Our website provides the following:

  1. A macro overview of why the precious metals sector remains our key focus.
  2. Financial education on gold and silver stock investing.
  3. Insight into our tried and proven strategy.

Having spent close to 10 years investing in this sector we understand the role independent decision making plays in achieving superior results.

The Global Speculator is intended to assist newcomers to the sector and speed up the learning process necessary to gain a sufficient level of confidence for independent decision making. 

Most rational individuals wouldn’t walk into a casino and mindlessly blow thousands of their hard earned dollars on games they have statistically no chance of beating. Yet this is precisely what a countless number of “investors” do when they “invest” in the precious metals sector! They entrust newsletter writers and so called gurus and can’t understand why they make average returns.

“They make average returns because they are doing what average investors do. “

To make above average returns commensurate to the risks you are taking when investing in gold and silver mining companies you need to take a more proactive approach. This requires some genuine effort! If you don’t have the time to spend on your investment education may I suggest you do yourself a big favor and find a reputable precious metals fund and entrust your money with them. If on the other hand you are interested in learning and developing a skill set which can potentially benefit you and your family for the rest of your investment life, I encourage you to read further!   



In 2007 we teamed up with a couple of investors in Perth, Australia to found the research group GoldNerds. Having recognized the need for a comprehensive database of fundamental information on gold and silver mining companies, we built one. We also developed some powerful indicators designed to assist investors in isolating the few companies worth their attention. In November 2011 we  parted company with GoldNerds in order to start developing a new and unique data warehouse of investment information.

Many investors dismiss the usefulness of numbers when making investment decisions. They prefer acting on a good story. There isn’t a listed mining company worth its salt that doesn’t have a good story to tell! I haven’t spoken to or met a mining executive yet that hasn’t put a positive spin on their activities. In the world of numbers however there are very few places a troubled mining company can hide! Good numbers allow a proactive investor to very quickly determine whether an interesting story checks out.          

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Troy Schwensen – Editor of The Global Speculator


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